Located 56 kilometers west of Malé, Rasdhoo Atoll is the capital of Alif Alif Atoll – more commonly known as Ari Atoll. Rasdhoo has plenty to offer above and below water. It is famous among divers for hammerhead sharks Rasdhoo has a number of small guesthouses and homestays, dive centers and souvenir shops, and cafes. With its streets lined with brightly painted shops and coral walls, the small island is well worth exploring to soak up the Maldivian island life.

How to get to Rasdhoo Atoll

Seaplane – US$280 – 15 minutes
The quickest way from Malé to Rasdhoo Atoll is to catch one of the regular seaplanes.

Speedboat Transfer – US$35 – 1 hour
There are two scheduled speedboat services from Malé to Rasdhoo. You can contact your accommodation or the company directly to get your tickets.

Local Boat Ferry – US$4 – 3 hours
If you time, public ferries also depart from Malé to Rasdhoo from Vilingili Ferry Terminal.